River Root Gardens

Our Story

All of our planters and furniture are handmade, which means that no two are exactly alike.

The roots grow along the base of the trees in Latin American rivers.  The roots are harvested from the riverbanks, and they are shaped while they are wet.  Harvesting the root doesn’t harm the trees; it actually helps them to grow.  We have 3 weeks to shape the root before it begins to dry.  Once it dries, the wood hardens and becomes very strong and sturdy.

We employ around 26 families from the same village. I design the pieces, and then they produce the product. The Artisans use a railroad spike to hammer the galvanized nails into the root because it is fast and efficient and has to be done before the root dries- no power tools are used. There are many variances of tree root, so that is why every piece is unique.

                                                         Each piece is treated for bugs, but may need re-treating every couple of years.  The planters love water, so all plants can be watered directly in them.  The creations are very durable and can go inside or outside.  However, if the roots are going to be out in the direct sunlight and not on a covered patio, under an overhang, inside, or at least in the shade, we recommend using a wood sealer such as Thompson Water Seal or polyurethane.

Our wholesale planters and birdhouses aren’t just for looks, or even just for plants- some of our customers find that birds think they do actually make pretty good homes!



River Root Gardens sells these pieces wholesale only, so please only contact us if you are a business retailer. We have a permanent showroom located in Atlanta at The Americas Mart, West Wing Bldg 2, 10 floor, space B-59 in The Gardens. If you are a retail customer, we do have 200-300 stores across the U.S. that sell our products. If you are interested in having your local garden store carry our products, please visit this page.